Schulz innovates and launches new generation of oil-free scroll compressors

New compressors produce 100% oil-free air, providing the best cost-effective, quality compressed air

Schulz, the largest air compressor manufacturer in Latin America, innovates once again and showcases to the market its new generation of oil-free scroll compressors SCR 4000, which offers quality compressed air at the best cost-benefit ratio.

Combining technology, flexibility and safety, the new compressors produce 100% oil-free air (in accordance with ISO 8573-1, Class 0), offering zero risk of contamination. This characteristic is the result of the constructive form of the product, which doesn’t use any type of lubricating oil. In this way, there is no need to change the oil, oil filter and air/oil separator, which simplifies maintenance and reduces product interventions.

The modular configuration is another great differential, as it allows expanding the generation of compressed air by incorporating extra power modules into the compressor. It’s worth mentioning that, in this case, the compressor units are activated sequentially, automatically turning the modules on and off according to the air demand.

Additionally, the compressor also has an IP55 class IE3 motor, which contributes to the product’s efficiency, ensuring high performance and lower electrical energy consumption.



The new line of SCR 4000 scroll compressors serves various types of industries that require strict quality control, in applications ranging from medical-hospital, clinics, laboratories and pharmaceutical industry to companies in other diverse segments, such as graphic printing, optics, electronics, beverages and agribusiness. Compact and silent, the new compressors can be installed in locations with limited space, offering comfort and safety even in work environments.

Designed and manufactured by Schulz in Brazil, the new compressor has Schulz Link, an optional IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which allows monitoring the compressor remotely, accessing information in real time, either on the computer or cell phone, at any time or day of the week. In case of discrepancy, the system sends an alert notification, enabling faster interventions and thus avoiding unscheduled production stops.

The SCR 4000 line offers 6 compressor models, with flow rates from 15 to 88 pcm (425 to 2,500 L/min) and pressure from 6 to 10 bar, in addition to versions with integrated air treatment (comprising an air filter and air dryer).