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Our solutions move the world, allowing the development of the economy in the most diverse segments in which we operate

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Schulz Automotiva

The largest foundry with machining, KTL painting and assembly of systems and subsystems for the agricultural, construction and semi-heavy and heavy automotive markets.

It also operates in the aftermarket, supplying brake systems and accessories for light and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as agricultural machinery. In five years, the Company has become a leader in this segment

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Schulz Compressores

Largest manufacturer of piston and screw air compressors in Latin America

It has more than 10,000 distributors and 700 technical assistants in more than 70 countries, being the world’s largest company in the segment it operates

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Schulz is a Brazilian company established in 1963, with headquarters in Joinville, Santa Catarina State. In 1982, it became the absolute leader of piston air compressors in the Brazilian market.

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