Schulz’s code of ethics and conduct

Doing business with integrity is what guides Schulz stance with its stakeholders. After all, its businesses will only be sustainable if the Company maintains ethical, fair and viable principles for all parties.

Precisely for this reason, Schulz created a code of ethics and conduct for its stakeholders, such as employees, partners, suppliers, service providers, resellers, technical assistants, consumers, the community, investors, distributors and the government. This tool helps the Company to address dilemmas, emphasizing the desired attitudes and behaviors, permitted or prohibited in the corporate environment.

All claims received are treated with confidentiality, preserving the identity of those involved, thus avoiding retaliation against the person placing the complaint. Its main objective is to receive information with a view to promote a better environment for all. The channel, accessed by internal and external audiences, allows the analysis and resolution of ethical issues addressed, or not, in Schulz’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The requests are analyzed by a committee, which seeks solutions with integrity and seriousness. Replies are given only and directly to those who identify themselves.


Ethics Channel

Schulz values transparency and quality in the relationship with all its stakeholders. For this reason, it provides this channel for free expression on issues related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct. Whoever notices or receives any information that indicates violations of this code or looks for more information, can and should promptly clarify their doubts.

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