Schulz launches Politriz 1200 W

Tool is ideal for professional surface polishing and sanding applications

Schulz, brand synonymous with tradition and quality, brings its newest product to the electric tool market: the Politriz 1200 W. Resistant and ergonomic, the tool is ideal for professional applications of polishing and sanding surfaces such as cars, stones and granites as well as metal and stainless-steel products, among others.

With 1200 W of power and a 7” disk, the tool has a copper motor and a reinforced aluminum gearbox, which provide durability and robustness to the equipment. Its 45° inclined handle-style grip provides greater ergonomics and comfort during use, allowing work in diverse positions and without fatigue.



Indicated for use in woodworking, metalworking, foundries, body and mechanics shops, the Politriz 1200 W is a versatile tool that allows work at 6 speed levels, comes with a case and 15 accessories. The tool can also be used in light woodworking as well as cleaning wood and iron, among other activities.

Politriz 1200 W is the best choice for those looking for quality, ergonomics, durability and high performance for even more efficient applications.