Schulz launches Brazil’s first oil-free piston compressor with frequency inverter

New in the Brazilian market, the technology allows controlling the air flow according to the use

Schulz, the largest air compressor manufacturer in Latin America, launches the Flex Oil-Free Air Compressor line equipped with frequency inverter, a novelty in the Brazilian market. The technology allows control of the air flow according to the use, maintaining the pressure stable during the process and guaranteeing extra flow in times of high demand.

The use of the inverter generates greater energy savings, increasing productivity and process efficiency. This is explained by the ability to control the speed of the compressor’s motor, which makes energy consumption appropriate to the demand and avoids electrical current peaks. Also, the inverter has the additional function of protecting the compressor against phase failure and overcurrents as well as having a soft-start motor, characteristics that increase the useful life of the main mechanical components.

Another equipment advantage is the digital interface that allows monitoring the technical parameters and hours worked, which makes it possible to visualize and schedule equipment maintenance The compressor also has an air reservoir and safety valves in accordance with ASME and Inmetro (Ordinance nº 120 of 03/12/2021), and internal painting of the reservoir with an antibacterial additive, items that guarantee the safety and health of users.

Schulz Flex Oil-Free Air Compressors are ideal for clinical and laboratory environments, such as hospitals and medical and dental offices, as well as industrial activities with critical processes, such as the chemical, food and cosmetics industry. The fact that it is oil-free adds to the product launch the differential of operating efficiently in low-speed conditions as it does not require component lubrication.

The product manager, Evandro Santos, recalls that when the frequency inverter technology arrived on the market, it represented a high cost for the products. “Now, our technical team has managed to improve the use of this technology and has developed products that allow investments with a well-balanced cost-benefit ratio”, he comments.

Return on investment is calculated in up to two years, considering the use of the compressor for 13 hours/day, seven days a week.



About the technology

The frequency inverter is an electrical/electronic device whose main function is to automatically control the motor speed of a machine/equipment, such as the air compressor motor.

Inverter control generates a variable speed system that supplies only the amount of compressed air needed in the application. In this way, if the demand for compressed air fluctuates, the inverter causes the flow to automatically adjust, avoiding waste and generating great electrical energy savings.

About Schulz Compressores

Schulz Compressores is Latin America’s largest air-compressor manufacturer. It’s a genuinely Brazilian and Santa Catarina company, headquartered in Joinville (SC) Brazil, and recognized as one of the most complete air compressor factories in the world. The company offers the residential, professional and industrial markets a complete line in the generation, treatment and storage of compressed air. In addition to reciprocating piston, diaphragm and screw compressors from 5 to 250 hp, it also markets refrigerated and adsorption air dryers, line and coalescent filters, condensate separators, pneumatic tools and accessories for residential, professional and industrial use.