Schulz Compressores wins Fritz Müller Award with Zero Landfill project

Award recognizes companies that develop projects benefitting the environment

Joinville’s Schulz Compressores won the Fritz Müller Award 2021 in the Solid Waste category with the “Zero Landfill” project. Started in 2020, the project was created to search for alternative destinations of some waste that was still being sent to landfills. The environmental management team, in partnership with waste reuse or energy transformation companies, conducted studies and found an alternative to avoid disposing waste in landfills.

Co-processing technologies were adopted (use of industrial waste as a substitute for fuel and/or non-renewable raw materials used in manufacturing cement).



With the project’s implementation, Schulz stopped disposing 46 tons of production waste in landfills and reduced waste disposal costs by 50% in 2020 alone.

The 22nd Fritz Müller Award is organized by the Santa Catarina State Environmental Institute (IMA) with the aim of recognizing and rewarding companies and organizations that develop projects benefitting the environment in the State of Santa Catarina.